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Europa Universalis Iv Emperor Announcement Trailer

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Europa Universalis IV: Emperor — Announcement Trailer

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Europa Universalis IV: Emperor Expansion Focuses on Adding Depth to Catholic States

Publisher Paradox Interactive today unveiled Europa Universalis IV: Emperor as the next major expansion for its historical grand strategy title.

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor aims to improve how European states play, focusing on Catholic nations in particular. Revolutions will also be revamped when the expansion launches.

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor Expansion Announced

Here is the full list of features introduced in Europa Universalis IV: Emperor, as detailed in a press release:

    A Powerful Pope: Appoint cardinals, publish Papal Bulls and gather tithes. The Vatican and Papal Controller now have new abilities to sway the souls of Christendom.

New Holy Roman Empire Systems: Imperial Incidents provide new challenges to the Emperor’s power and authority. Will your empire follow a course to a centralized monarchy or decentralized federation?.

Revolutions Revamped: The spirit of Revolution is a contagion that must be either embraced or vigorously opposed. Use the guillotine and revolutionary guard to enforce the new way of thinking.

The Hussite Faith: Bohemia has an early game chance to embrace heresy and stand alone against the Pope until The Reformation.

Hegemonies: If you accomplish great feats, you should expect great rewards. Seize the mantle of honor for accumulating great wealth and armies.

New Missions: Over 20 new unique mission trees for a variety of European nations

Defender of Faith: With great responsibility comes great power. Earn more bonuses for defending a major religion than for defending a small one.

The Council of Trent and Counter-Reformation: Join other Catholic rulers to slow down the spread of the Reformation by making concessions to the unruly mob or harshly imposing the will of God.

  • Provoke Rebellions: Risk a larger rebellion now while you think you can manage it instead of waiting for discontent to take its course.
  • Europa Universalis IV: Emperor will be accompanied by a free update that will include a redrawn map of west and central Europe, Crown Lands, new ideas alongside various other major changes. The expansion does not currently have a release date.

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